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Behind the Curtain - July 2003

The Nagoya basho will only feature wrestlers that are returning in front of the curtain. There will be no sekitori debuting in July. Let’s take a look at the familiar faces back in the Juryo division.

Tamanokuni (Ms4) posted an impressive 7-0 to guarantee him a position in the Juryo division at the East 9 slot. He joins Katanonami stable’s sekitori ‘Tama’ gang, Tamarikido (M8) and Tamakasuga (M15) at Nagoya, along with his brother and ‘Tama’ member, Tamanoshima (M4).

Kitazakura (Ms1) posted a 4-3 record at the Natsu basho to return to the paid ranks after just a one basho visit back behind the curtain. Kitaza was been as high up the banzuke as Maegashira #9 but has been dwelling in Juryo for over a year now.
This basho he is ranked at East 11 slot. Once again, he is Kitonoumi Oyakata’s sole wrestler in the paid ranks. He also rejoins his brother, Toyozakura (J5) as a sekitori this tourney.

Masutsuyoshi (Ms1) also posted a 4-3 record last basho to advance to the Juryo division. His highest rank was Juryo #7. At Nagoya, he has been place in the West 12 slot on the banzuke. He is Mihogaseki stable’s only sekitori ranked wrestler.

Chiyotenzan (Ms4), the one-time Komusubi, had a respectable 5-2 result to change back to the silk mawashi. Last year at Nagoya was the last tournament Chiyoten fought in the Maegashira ranks, fighting the next three tourneys in Juryo and the last two from behind the curtain. This year at Nagoya he holds the West 11 slot. Chiyotenzan joins his stablemate Ozeki Chiyotaikai in the paid ranks.

Kotoiwakuni (Ms2) returns after a long absence from the paid ranks, and he managed this on the very last day of the Natsu basho in Tokyo. On senshuraku, Kotoiwa faced Kaito (J13). Both wrestlers needed to win to get their kachi-kochi, Kotoiwa defeated Kaito with sokubiotoshi, which is when the defender leans forward too far the attacker chops down with his wrist or forearm at the defender's neck or back of his head forcing him to touch down with one or both hands. Kotoiwakuni, in the East 13 slot, joins the Sadogatake stable’s ‘Koto’ bunch, along with Kotonowaka (M2), Kotoryu (M5), and Kotomitsuki (M13).

Beside Kaito, the wrestlers moving down the banzuke combined were unable to get 10 wins in May. Kaito (J13) just missed kachi-kochi (7-8) with his defeat from Kotoiwakuni, so he steps behind the curtain for July’s tournament. Goken (J12) could only win 4 times to send him back to the low paid ranks. Sumanofuji (J13) only managed 3 wins, resulting in his return to the Makushita division. Komahikari (J6) had the worst outing in May of all the Makushita returnees, only have won twice. Akinoshima’s retirement made room for the 5th promotion to Juryo.

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