Saturday, February 5, 2011

March 2011 Osaka Basho Canceled

Due to the Japanese National Police uncovering message between gambling wrestlers, exposing them to fixing matches between themselves and others, the Japan Sumo Association has cancel the upcoming tournament. Fixing bouts is referred to has "yaocho" in Japanese.

To clean house and give sumo a fresh start, I propose that they demote all sekitori to Sandanme, let all the sumotori get ranked in Maegashira and Juryo, no Sanyaku ranks, and use that banzuke for May. Yokozuna Hakuho should resign and also accept responsibility of the "yaocho".

Many of the ex-sekitori would quickly rise up the ranks and again, while the newly promoted sekitori would drop down quickly. This would serve as punishment to all sekitori, whether they participated in "yaocho" or not.

In additional, perhaps the JSA would have sample lie detector tests during a tourney, to ask a wrestler if he performed "yaocho" or not.