Friday, June 26, 2009


Just wanted to share that last night, June 26th, I lost my wallet at TOKYO ESSENTIAL BAR PANDA. I was there for a farewell party, so it was a private party. I sat down two place, out front, collecting money, and then once inside for the last 40 minutes of the party. When I reached the 2nd party, I realized my wallet was gone, and worked my way backwards to TOKYO ESSENTIAL BAR PANDA. When I reached the place, it was empty, guess it is more of an afterhours joint, and the staff had not seen my wallet. I left my phone number. In Japan, a general rule of thumb is that lost wallets are returned. I canceled all my credit cards and ATM cards. The biggest hassle is my drivers license, especially since I need it to pick up a rent-a-car in 5 days, ugh. C'est la vie! But I did not get a good vibe from TOKYO ESSENTIAL BAR PANDA, so I am posting this to share with the world.