Saturday, June 4, 2016

Behind The Curtain - July 2016

The heat of the summer and the Nagoya basho go hand in hand.  With the summer heat, there will be 5 rikishi stepping out in front of the curtain.  There will be two first time sekitori, while three rikishi are returning to the paid ranks.  This time, the promoted rikishi, each represents a different sumo stable and a different sumo ichimon.

Daiki Ms1 West tallied up a 4-3 record to step out in front of the curtain for the Nagoya basho.  Daiki entered sumo the March 2015 basho with his fellow college rikishi, Mitakeumi.  Mitakeumi only needed two basho to get the paid ranks, since he entered at Makushita 10, as Makushita Tsukedashi, due to his outstanding record as collegiate rikishi.  Daiki started from maezumo to work his way to the silk mawashi in Nagoya.  He is from the Hakkaku beya, which is part of the Takasago ichimon

Hamaguchi Mw5 West squeeze out a 4-3 record, and with several demotions from Juryo to Makushita, he made a huge stretch to reach the paid ranks for Nagoya.  The rikishi at Mw6 West, Kizenryu, posted a better record of 5-2, yet he will remain behind the curtain for Nagoya.  Along with debut as a sekitori, Hamaguchi has taken a new shikona.  He will be listed as Shimanoumi on the July banzuke.  This shikona is made of kanji representing his hometown of Shima, in the Mie prefecture.  The other part of his shikona is taken from his oyakata’s fighting name, Higonoumi., hence Shima-noumi.  He trains at the Kise beya, which belongs to the Dewanoumi ichimon.

Kyokutaisei Ms2 West notched up a 5-2 record at the Natsu basho, allowing him to wear a silk mawashi again.  His first debut in Juryo was exactly 2 years ago at Nagoya  This will be his third time as a sekitori.  Kyokutaisei is from Tomozuna beya, that belongs to the Isegahama ichimon.

Onosho Ms3 West produced a perfect 7-0 record, and lost in the Makushita yusho in a playoff (yusho-doten).  On Day 10 of the Natsu basho, Onosho made an earlier appearance on NHK with a bout against Juryo sekitori Tamaasauka.  He defeated the veteran rikishi and basically sealed his promotion to the paid ranks.  

Oyanagi at Ms58 West was the other rikishi to finish at 7-0,.  Oyanagi entered sumo at Sandanme 100, due to his collegiate record.  He went 7-0 his first basho earning the Sandanme yusho.  At the Haru basho, he again went 7-0 giving him the opportunity to battle Onosho in the yusho deciding playoff.  Keep you eye on Oyanagi, he is blazing a fast track to the paid ranks.  He ought to be ranked in the top 15 slots in Makushita for Nagoya, meaning another 7-0 record and automatic promotion to Juryo!

Onosho first basho as a sekitori was in January 2015, with the 2016 Natsu basho being a one time visit behind the curtain.  He is a member of the Onomatsu beya, a stable in the Takanohana ichimon.

Kotoeko Ms4 West scored a 5-2 record, and slipped into the Juryo ranks for a 3rd time.  He belongs to the Sadogatake beya, which is a member of the Nishonoseki ichimon.