Thursday, August 13, 2015

Behind the Curtain - September 2015

For our Aki basho in Tokyo this September, it has been reported by Nikkansports website that there will 4 promotions to Juryo division.  The first rikishi will be a first timer in front of the curtain, whereas the remaining 3 rikishi will be returnees to the paid ranks.

Juryo debut: 
ms1e Shodai
This is a man that has really earned the right to debut at Juryo.  His journey started at Maezumo last year at Osaka, 2-1, then it was only winning records every tourney.  At the Natsu basho is scored 7-0 for the Jonokuchi Yusho.  At the Shogatsu basho again he posted 7-0, winning the Makushita Yusho, although automatically promoted to Juryo, since he was too far down on the banzuke at Makushita 37 West.  In July, he easily punch his ticket for in front of the curtain, with a 5-2 record from Makushita 1 East.

ms2e Daishomaru
Here’s an individual with a superior record in the amateur / college ranks, he was given the privilege of starting way up on the banzuke, at Makushita 15 TD.  A perfect record from this point, would have launch him directly in front of the curtain.  That feat is very rare.  Instead he took 7 basho to be promoted to Juryo 12 west.  He was only capable of a 6-9 outcome, falling behind the curtain again.  This tournament is make a clear statement, a perfect 7-0 records for the Makushita Yusho, and an automatic promotion to Juryo.

ms3w Kizenryu
He has had 3 losing visited to the paid ranks, his debut at the Natsu 2013 basho (4-11), his return for Nagayo 2014 (4-11) and Osaka 2015 (6-9).  The 3 brief stops behind the curtain, once a year.  This basho, notching a respectable 4-3, he breaks that run, since this will his 2nd time in 2015 to make the paid ranks.  Him making this a longer stay is not certain, though is height and weight (194 cm & 149.3 kg) state he has the “volume” to be a sekitori.

ms4e Kyokutaisei 5-2
His last tourney in Juryo was at Nagoya 2014, having to fight for 5 basho behind the curtain to finally regain his silk mawashi for the Aki basho this September.  His first Juryo debut was the Natsu basho 2014.  This visited to the paid ranks should last longer than 2 basho, as long as he can stay healthy.  He will be wearing silk mawashi in the Aki basho, due to his 5-2 record at Nagayo in July.